Poor oral hygieneMost people will experience bad breath at some point during their life. Bad breath can be caused by a number of different factors and in this article we will look at the worst offenders.

Dental emergency over the festive periodShould you have dental emergency in the run up to Christmas, we are open all day on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 December please try to ring before 10am so we are able to fit you in swiftly for treatment.

Valley Dental Practice will be closed this festive period from 5pm on Tuesday 22 December and will re-open on Monday 4 January at 9am.

StoptoberThis year’s Stoptober coincides with changes in the law as from 1st October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in vehicles where someone under 18 in present.

With fines of £50.00 if you are caught, why not use this change as the reason you need to stop smoking this October? Stopping smoking can make a drastic improvement to your lifestyle and health in ways you might not expect.

After 20 minutes - Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

Different_Filling_MaterialsFillings are used to repair teeth that have become decayed or broken.

In this article we will explain the different filling options available and the process involved.

Prior to any filling being placed it is necessary to prepare the tooth by removing all the decay and the cavity is then shaped to hold the filling. If there is a large cavity or the tooth is very badly broken it may also be necessary to put a small pin in place to help stabilise and secure the filling in place.

Denplan_blogPlan today for your dental treatment tomorrow

Denplan was founded in 1986 by two dentists who wanted to offer their patients an alternative to NHS dentistry. They created a system that simplified administration within the dental practice and allowed dentists to spend more time with their patients, focusing on preventive oral healthcare and providing high quality treatment.

Since this time Denplan have launched a number of different products including Denplan Care, Denplan Essentials, Denplan Membership and Plans for Children.